The Smile ‘Test Drive’ is the art of designing, creating and “test driving” a smile before proceeding with the treatment. In just 2 visits one can experience an amazing cosmetic transformation without committing to the actual smile. This ensures one is absolutely sure before proceeding with the treatment and is also an assurance that one will receive the desired result. The Process: During the first visit, impressions, videos and digital images are taken of the face, mouth and teeth. These images are transferred to a computer, studied and modified using advanced facial mapping techniques. A specialist and lab technicians will then work on the 3D images created from the impressions, to develop the preferred smile. In the second visit, a temporary smile, called a ‘mock-up’ will be fitted, which also works as a ‘sneak-peek’ of the new smile. The mock-up gives one the chance to make changes prior to committing oneself to the final, permanent smile.



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