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Cosmetic Whitening

See A Dramatic Change in Your Life with the Best Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi from Hikma

Whiter teeth are a sign of excellent oral health and present a more youthful smile. But with time, a lot of factors including lifestyle choices and your diet can trigger the yellowing of the teeth. The most common factors that lead to staining are inclusive of:

  • Smoking – Cigarettes – contain high amounts of tar and nicotine, which make the teeth go yellow, and even brown with the passage of time
  • Food and drinks – Apart from the consumption of coffee, wines, colas and tea lead to tooth discoloration as well. Tooth stains are at times also caused by certain fruits and vegetables.
  • Poor oral hygiene – bad dental habits such as neglecting to brush or floss can lead to plaque build-up, which results in discoloration later on as well.Poor oral habits, like neglecting to brush and floss the teeth regularly, can trigger the onset of plaque build-up, which further leads to discoloration.

Matchless Teeth Whitening Abu Dhabi Services – That’s What We Deliver

As a team of professionals, we at Hikma possess the skills and expertise required to restore the whiteness of your teeth. We guarantee to whiten them beyond their natural tooth color through one of our whitening options. This includes:

• In-clinic whitening treatment • At home whitening treatment

Our in-clinic treatment services focus on the utilization of a light-accelerated bleaching system that is applied by our skilled dentists. If instantly perceivable results are what you are interested in, then this treatment option is just the right pick for you. Our at home treatment uses a customized tray filled with whitening gel that is fit on to the upper or lower set of teeth.

An All-Inclusive Treatment for Dental Whitening

The team of skilled dentists at Hikma advises against having the in-clinic treatment performed on its own for teeth whitening purposes. The fact is that it is not a permanent solution, and the effects are sure to fade away. In the long run, this might disappoint you. We believe that the ideal treatment plan one in which you receive the in-clinic treatment to achieve your whitening goals, and then maintain the effect b using the at-home treatment variation on your own.

Hikma Medical Center – the right choice for those seeking world-class teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi.

Cosmetic Whitening



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