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Cosmetic Whitening


All of us desire a gleaming white smile, but at the same time, not all of us are born with the perfect set of properly aligned, bright and shiny teeth. From teeth stains to discoloration, there is so much that can prevent us from having the perfect smile we’ve always desired. But worry no more, as advancements in medical science have now made it possible for you to achieve that beautiful smile. The answer to your problem lies in teeth whitening!


If you are on the lookout for world-class assistance with teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi, then there is one name that you can rely on – Hikma Medical Center. Achieve a beautiful smile at our facility and get ready to show it off to the world. With the help of our experts and recent technology, you are just one step away from a perfectly beautiful and sparkling smile!

As time passes by, you will find the natural whiteness of your teeth fading away. This is caused by a number of factors, including drinking, consuming colored beverages, smoking and so much more. Although maintaining oral hygiene can assist in preventing the buildup of plaque and delays the onset of tooth decay, it cannot do much in terms of maintaining the natural shine of your teeth. If this is the sort of problem you are facing right now, then we encourage you to book a consultation appointment with any of the leading oral health specialists at Hikma to get started with achieving that long-desired, bright and sparkling shiny set of teeth.

Our specialists will initially check the current condition of your teeth and then come up with a whitening plan that is right for you. With years of experience to their credit, we promise outstanding and long-lasting results. All you have to do is sit back and relax while our teeth whitening Abu Dhabi experts get to work!


Our experts are committed to ensuring that you receive the very best in terms of teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi. We always put our customers first and strive to ensure that they leave our facility with an unblemished smile. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re keen on achieving a perfect shining white set of teeth, don’t waste time and book an appointment today!

Benefits of teeth whitening Abu Dhabi

Over time, teeth will inevitably become stained and discolored. This can be caused by several factors, including the consumption of certain foods and drinks, tobacco use, and even the natural aging process. While there is no way to prevent teeth stains completely, there are several ways to brighten teeth and restore their natural whiteness.

Teeth whitening is one such option that has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are a number of benefits associated with the best teeth whitening Abu Dhabi, including improved self-esteem, increased confidence, and even a boost in professional success.

Studies have shown that:

  • People with whiter teeth are perceived as more successful and trustworthy, making them more likely to be considered for promotions or high-level positions.
  • Whiter teeth can also make a person feel better about their appearance, leading to an increase in self-esteem and confidence.

For these reasons, it is easy to see why teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi and across the world has become such a popular option for people looking to improve their smile.


How long does teeth whitening last?

The effects of teeth whitening Abu Dhabi can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of whitening treatment used, the severity of the stains, and the individual’s oral hygiene habits. However, most teeth whitening treatments will last several months before touch-ups or repeat treatments are necessary. With proper care and maintenance, teeth whitening results can last for many years.

How many teeth whitening sessions do I need?

The number of whitening sessions needed will depend on the individual’s specific situation. In general, however, most people will need to undergo 2-4 whitening treatments to achieve their desired results. These treatments are typically spaced out over several weeks or months to allow for the best possible results.

Can teeth whitening make teeth more yellow?

No, teeth whitening will not make teeth more yellow. In fact, teeth whitening can help to improve the overall color of teeth by removing stains and discoloration. However, it is important to note that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution, and touch-ups or repeat treatments may be necessary in order to maintain the desired results.

Does whitening damage teeth?

No, teeth whitening is not harmful to teeth. In fact, teeth whitening is a very safe and effective way to improve the overall appearance of teeth. However, it is important to note that some people may experience temporary side effects such as sensitivity or irritation of the gums.

How much does it cost to get your teeth professionally whitened?

The cost of professional teeth whitening can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of whitening treatment used and the number of sessions required.

What is the safest way to whiten teeth?

There are many safe and effective teeth whitening options available. Some popular methods include professional teeth whitening, over-the-counter kits, and home remedies.