Lab & Facility - Hikma Medical Center
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Hikma has a collection of high tech equipment such as the LED bleaching system, Zoom Bleaching system, the Cerec CadCam System and a Pediatric Sedation System. a high tech collection of tools for all root canal systems.

Our 3D (CT) and panoramic dental x-ray machine called Villa, is an advanced imagery system that is used in part to ensure top quality care for our patients which aids in careful and accurate diagnosis and early detection of oral problems. Not only is imaging important for preventative dental health, 3D CT scan images are necessary for optimum implant therapy.


Hikma Medical Center is among the select few dental centers in Abu Dhabi to have and operate its own dental laboratory.

This helps the Center to design and manufacture a range of dental products that supports the dentist in offering a complete dental solution to the patient. The dental products include crowns, bridges and dentures, among others. Qualified and experienced dental lab technicians follow the directions in the prescription and manufacture the prescribed items with precision and high quality. A Dental Laboratory is one of the most advanced dental technologies today in the world of dentistry.