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The quickest Surgery for Same Day Dental Implants in Abu Dhabi, UAE

For those who have a busy schedule, the thought of scheduling an appointment, especially one for dental implant surgery, is often delayed if not completely avoided. However, delaying much-needed oral care can negatively affect a person’s oral health and can give way to further oral problems in the future.

Ceramic dental implants: a modern way to deal with missing or broken teeth

Thankfully, modern dentistry has revolutionized the way implant therapy is practiced and eliminated the drawn out process of multiple surgical procedures and extended recovery time when receiving an implant. As an advanced UAE dental center with implantology specialists, Hikma offers a convenient and unique service for dental implant treatments called Same Day Implants or as we refer to it here as the Same Day Smile Solution.

By using ceramic dental implants for replacing missing or failed teeth, the patient benefits from reduced recovery period, immediate relief, improved functionality and enhanced aesthetics. Once our secialists have ensured you are a suitable candidate for this treatment, further planning is done with collaboration between our Implant specialists who place the implants, and our prosthodontists who perform the immediate loading.

Immediate loading refers to the temporary teeth that will be adhered to the implant. These temporary teeth will allow you to chew and speak comfortably almost immediately. Since both our clinics in UAE are equipped with the most advanced technology for this treatment such as 3D scans and 3D planning software, you can be confident to receive the best results in implant care.

A choice between titanium implant systems and ceramic implants in Abu Dhabi.

Here at Hikma, we choose to opt out of ceramic dental variations for the following reasons:

- Early adaptation of new treatments such as ceramic dental variants, with poor scientific support increases the risk of unforeseen future complications, a risk we are not willing to put our patients through.

- Titanium implants have been scientifically proven for decades to be the most preferred and reliable implant system in the market.

- There are no long term studies that confirm a reduced failure rate of ceramic implants

Hikma has been treating patients in UAE for over 30 years. Because we guarantee our services to be top quality and your long term oral health is our number one priority, we will continue to use scientifically backed services and materials that are reliable.

Hikma Medical Center – the obvious choice for proven and trusted same day dental implants in Abu Dhabi, UAE.




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