About Hikma

Our Story

Hikma Medical Center is conveniently located – with ample parking space – in the upscale residential area of Mushriff, Abu Dhabi. We are the dental care facility in the area.

Founded by husband-wife team Dr. Omar Aloum and Dr. Maisoun Bakir, the first Hikma Medical Center opened on Hamdan Street in downtown Abu Dhabi. After successfully establishing themselves here, the duo began adding to their team. Today, it includes some of dental practitioners in Abu Dhabi. Dr. Omar Aloum and his son, Dr. Anas Aloum, an American Board Certified Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, have now opened their second dental facility in Mushriff.

With the LED bleaching System, Zoom Bleaching System, the Cerec CadCam System and a Pediatric Sedation System, we are in tune with the hi-tech equipment. In fact, we are the clinic in Abu Dhabi to carry the ASI Mobile Root Canal Cart, a high tech collection of tools for all root canal systems. Our 3D (CT) and panoramic dental x-ray machine called Villa, is an imagery system that aids accurate diagnosis and early detection of oral problems. This imagery system is important for preventative dental health and 3D CT scan images are necessary for implant therapy.

We have over 40 years legacy of offering safe and efficient dental care in Abu Dhabi. At Hikma Medical Centre, we deploy high-end technology under the expertise of professionals. And our facilities are on a par with the best of dental centers in the world.
HMC offers a range of services including the Smile Test Drive, Full Mouth Rejuvenation, Same Day Smile Solutions, Ceramic Veneers, Cosmetic Whitening, Ceramic Crowns, Implants, Root Canal, Dental Braces, Extraction, Fillings, Surgeries and Laser Gum Peeling, among others.

Our Vision


Because everyone deserves the best dental care.


Being a Great Place to Work.


To use our competencies to create a positive influence on society needs.


Deliver a brand that motivates people to succeed and push their limits A brand that delivers a sense of special care Satisfaction , and Credibility.


Build mutual and clear believes and loyalty for Hikma business Vision and strategies.

Our Mission

To Release And Expand Our Potentials And Devete It To Deliver A Better Everyday Dentistry Practice.

Our Values

Hikma History with Awards & Recognition


Foundation of Aloum dinicin 1983 Abu Dhabl At Hamdan street (One Clinic)


Foundation of Hikma medical 1993 center (Three clinics)


Opening the first Orthodontic clinic


The First Expansion to Hikma Medical center at Hamdan St (Six clinics)


Foundation of Hikma medical 2013 center in Mushif St (Eight Clinics)


Dr. Anas Aloum American 2013 board-certified Prosthodontist consultant joined Hikma Team


Opening the 2nd Hikma Medical Center Brandin Khalifa Acty with more than 20 clinics

Mena Award 2011

The journal of prosthetic dentistry

Mena Awards 2012

The smile designers Awards Egypt 2018

Mena Awards 2013

The American collage of prosthodontics