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Enhance Your Smile With Dental Implants In Abu Dhabi

Dental implants are meant to imitate the natural function, look and feel of teeth, which is why it is largely considered as the ideal solution to missing teeth. Dental implants surgery in UAE has a wide array of benefits to offer, including:
  • They are long-lasting
  • They are comfortable and convenient to use
  • They are permanently attached to the bone
  • They are cost-effective

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At Hikma, we understand how important it is for you to achieve that bright, properly aligned and shiny smile. We also realize that not everyone is born with the perfect set of teeth, and this is why we are here to offer extensive help in terms of fixing up your smile. We boast of a team of a highly qualified team of top-notch implantologists with years of experience to their credit. Since our inception, our team has successfully won the trust of countless individuals who set foot in our highly advanced facility for dental implant surgery in Abu Dhabi.

Fix Up Your Smile Through Dental Implants Surgery in UAE

We give you professional help in fixing up your smile, but we never compromise on the high-quality of care that you receive. We are committed to providing affordable dental care for our patients in Abu Dhabi. Hikma Dental Clinic is one of the most well-established dental clinics in Abu Dhabi with an outstanding reputation for offering high-quality services to our customers, including ceramic dental implants in Abu Dhabi, at affordable rates. We offer a wide range of aesthetic and restorative treatments at our clinic. If you are looking for a dependable dental clinic for dental implant surgery in Abu Dhabi, do not look any further!

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For the team of implantologists at Hikma, the sole priority is to enhance the beauty of our patients while also providing the highest levels of clinical care. At your appointment, our specialists will assess the current condition of your teeth to determine whether getting dental implants in Abu Dhabi is the right choice for you or not. If it is, then they will also offer guidance on which implant would best suit you. Rest-assured that you will be guided through the entire process so you can make informed decisions.

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To book a consultation appointment, feel free to give us a call at +971 2 672 0482 or +971 2 447 4400. If you require any further details, or you need same day dental implants, you can also drop us an email at or fill in our online contact form.