Dr. Omar Aloum - CEO
D.D.S - Prosthodontist
University of Damascus, Syria
Dr Anas Aloum
Consultant in Prosthodontics;American Board Certified B.D.S - F.A.C.P;University of Southern California, USA
University of Southern California; USA - Assistant Professor in USC
Dr. Feras Yabroudi
Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial; Surgery - Dental Implants -M.S.C
Desseldort University - Germany
Dr. Oubai Al hafez
Specialist in Orthodontics - B.D.S.;MS Malmo University;Sweden American Fellowship
New Jersey University - USA
Dr. Azzam Al Lazkani
Specialist in Endodontics-B.D.S - M.S.C
University of Damascus, Syria
Dr. Moawiah Alnaimat
Specialist in Endodontics-B.D.S - M.S.C
J.U.S.T Jordan
Dr. Fahd Ahmed
G.P Dentist
University of Health Sciences, Pakistan
Dr. Ala Daqaq
MclinDent Prosthodontics
Jordan University of Science and Technology
Dr. Ahmed Aldam
G.P Dentist – B.D.S.
M.U.S.T. – Egypt
Dr. Adrian Calin Pop
G.P Dentist - D.D.S
Lullu Hatieganu University - Romania
General Manager

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